Original COCKTAIL-SHAKU (Urushi Barspoon) will be given to all those who spend over $888 on throughout the campaign.

This is a Japanese barspoon hand-made to Shingo Gokan's custom design specifications.
It has been expertly finished by urushi artisans in Nagano, Japan.
Each spoon has been handcrafted using traditional methods. As such, no two barspoons are the same.
We hope that you will enjoy your COCKTAIL-SHAKU(Urushi Barspoon) for many years to come. 
It will age beautifully with proper use, earning a rich patina. Your barspoon will truly be more unique with time.

Your COCKTAIL-SHAKU(Urushi Barspoon) provides exact measure for the following cocktails:


Bacardi Carta Blanca 30ml
Bacardi Solera (or Bacardi OCHO!!!) 30ml
Pedro Ximenez Sherry 15ml
Matcha 1/2 Barspoon(COCKTAIL-SHAKU)


Bacardi Carta Blanca 60ml
Lime Juice 25ml
Caster Sugar 2 Barspoons(COCKTAIL-SHAKU)